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The Christmas Stench

My latest book, The Christmas Stench is now available on Amazon. You can also get a signed copy here by clicking Here

Amazon Review

''The story is funny, exciting and made in poems, which makes it more interesting. The drawings are beautiful and with bright colors. Not just kids but everyone will love it" - Victor Bientinesi

Amazon Reviews

This was a fun book which took us on an adventure to find out where the smell was coming from. It was funny because he searched through all the different places only the find it was right on himself which highlighted the good moral of don’t judge others when often the fault lies right with ourselves. The old adage if you point one finger three are pointing back at yourself. He put in a fun and comical way which made the mystery of finding the stench interesting, using poem and colourful pictures. I look forward to seeing more books from you.


Although I have marked this as "Love it 5*" have not actually read the book. My 7 year old son has though. He enjoys reading any books but has been coming back to this one, for the last few days. The book is about a young boy, it is aimed at children and written in a fun way (reminds me of Dr Seuss). It brings across a real life issue that people can face. It is well written and children can relate to what is on paper.

For those less able to read, there are full page illustrations throughout.

Christoph O'Gorman

This is such an endearing and fun book. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but my 2 kids love having it read to them as a bedtime story. Great rhymes and sweet story overall.

The illustrations have been done really well and I love the way it’s been written, so I’m looking forward to more from you, French.

Sarah Higgins